Friday, June 2, 2017

Close to the end of the school year

This year went by quick! It's crazy how time "flies by". I'm finally going to take a break from school and from some annoying teachers.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Presentation may 30

Michelle a presentation about judgment. She showed us how people can be quick to judge someone by their appearance. Michelle showed us a video that demonstrates judgment.
Sokartis gave us a lesson about creating a business. He told us that his uncle owns businesses around the area.

Friday, May 19, 2017


Cesar did a good job on talking about his topic. It really caught my attention, it probably inspired half of the class!

Monday, May 8, 2017

Journal May 8th

A magic spell that I would invent is making trash disappear. Honestly,  make garbage  disappear because it is all I see around here, thrown garbage. No one picks it up and it rots. This will make earth a better place because earth will stay clean. Earth suffers with trash around the world. 

Sunday, April 30, 2017

We eat social media for breakfast

Social media for breakfast? Sounds tasty! I think some of us don't notice that we use social media on daily bases , it's basically part of our habit. Now that we live with these new technology, we have easy access to socialize with others around us. We have shit loads of apps so we can communicate  to others.
 The way the author uses diction is he gives us how he feels about the Internet. He wants us to know why the internet was created . We give away much of our personal  life to social media , such as  Facebook. The author wants us to realize what we do on Facebook, instagram, Snapchat, etc.
   Tone, it's very serious. It's like the author is telling us to think about why we have all these media. We don't realize the  people around us, only the people we see on the screen. The author tells us about how his childhood was with pictures. It's true ! I can relate, I remember having a plastic camera with me . I would take it when I would go to school field trips because I was excited. I wanted to share the pictures with my family.  This was way before I had a phone , I remember the other kids having a device with them , but I didn't really care. I like to keep things like the early 2000s. Our phones is taking up our time of living.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017


This wasn't really my big question but now it is : the use of nuclear weapons.
What are nuclear weapons used for in this modern time ? Threats ? End all life on earth ? Show countries that you are superior?
What I learned during spring break is nuclear weapons is very deadly to life and earth. United states spends $179 billion for a nuclear arsenal.
The certain nuclear  bomb we have right now is the B83, it is 75 times powerful than the bombs that were dropped in Japan during World War 2.
This is sort of related to Fahrenheit 451 towards the end of book when Montag sees the city get bombed and demolished
I'm going to look more information about today's war and if countries are able to release nukes.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

F451 Essay

The most shocking book that I've  read in my highschool life! Ray Bradbury is one creative mindful author. After reading Fahrenheit 451, it left me thinking about the  society we live in now . So many things are comparable to the story. There is  characters that make a impact in the story such as Clarisse and Beatty. Two characters with two different minds.

 When we started the story , we met Clarisse, she was a 17 year old girl. She was very social when she came upon Montag.  She was a mindful person. In the story she is different from everyone. People called her weird because she was open minded. Clarisse asked Montag questions that made him think. Ever since Montag talked to Clarisse , he started to change.  Clarisse family is unique because her family actually socialize. She told Montag about her uncle , when he was walking in the streets , he was arrested for being a 'pedestrian'. Clarisse represents us. We are very curious , when we see something different , we want to know more about it . Clarisse shows emotions.

 On the other hand we have Beatty. The fire chief or whatever he is . Seems like a normal good guy in the beginning. Beatty is anti-book and his job is to burn them. He doesn't like people knowing the facts about the past. Beatty was a guy that handled situations like when he talked to Montag about the death of the lady that got burned. He knew all the respond to questions. Towards the end he was threat to Montag. Montag knew he wasn't safe around Beatty because he was against things that were in books. Montag killed Beatty,  soon enough he noticed that Beatty was empty. By empty I mean he wanted to be gone,  he wanted be dead. His life was sad , he didn't like him self.

 Beatty and Clarisse,  two different characters. The way Bradbury described them  was imaginable. Clarisse represented the present time people like us. We may have technology taking over but we are still humans,  we still act like one, we are mindful . Beatty represented the the opposite.  He used up lies to make people believe uncertain things. He didn't want people to think way beyond. Beatty was controlling Montag majority of the time , that's why Montag killed him. What I think is that Clarisse was an angel , she told Montag if he was happy , which changed him. With out Clarisse Montag would of been dead.