Tuesday, March 14, 2017

F451 Questions

1) Bradbury thinks that the future will stop reading.
2) Books are compared to birds because when they burn the books. It's ashes  goes flying like birds.
3) Montag's life is different compared to Clarisse's life. Montag is brained washed and lives unhappy. Clarisse is different from everyone. She's open minded , she sees what's wrong with society.
4) The technology in the novel is compared to the technology we have in today's world. Technology does not improve Montag's life. It kept his life apart from  people.
5) He starts off with Montag because he will be the main character that will need help through out the story. Montag will notice that the world will be in danger.
6) The author introduces Clarisse first because she's different from everyone. She's happy with her life . Mildred is the opposite,  she's always sick , wants to die.
7) The houses are fireproof so if anyone has books,  firemen can enter and burn it up with out burning the house.
8) Mildred need emergency service because she overdosed. The service that was provided was mechanics. A machine.
9) The mechanical hound is there to watch over Montag and kill others.
10) Society consider Clarisse anti social because she's different and thinks differently.
11) To show that books will soon be gone
12) Montag and Mildred relation is apart. They don't love each other's,  they're focused on other things.

Friday, March 10, 2017

F451 CH1 guiding questions

1) Montag lives in America where there's no books. It's like if a book was sort of a drug in society. Fire men start fire instead of putting it off. It's a place where technology takes over humanity and books are ban. It is pretty similar to today's society. We use devices to help us do our work , we pay attention to what we watch than what we read.
2) Clarisse is special,  she is like us living in the future. She is different because she believes that society is backwards. She's open minded and not brain washed.
3) The mechanical hound was programmed to help Montag in anything

Monday, March 6, 2017

PrufRock impression

The poem is different from what I thought. The love that was talked about in this poem was some what lost. Prufrock was describing how he felt. He loved this girl so much he couldn't do anything but think of what he should do with no mistakes. He was stuck in his mind. At the end, his love has died out . Seems like he stopped trying. It's a sad and great poem this can be related to other people in some ways. It's called love song to attract people to think love is happiness,  but really it's a tragic.

Friday, March 3, 2017


Sometimes the movie can be good but not correct to the book. I like reading books with movies about it because we can see the people , the setting everything that we had in mind when we read. In my opinion it's  fun to catch some mistakes in the movie . A movie is a way to enjoy  the book after reading it.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Proof rock

My first impression is that the author is very descriptive. He is giving us the imagery of the setting. He tells what time means in different ways. I just like the way he is being creative and making us take pieces of what he want us look for.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Chapter 8 notes

Daisy killed Myrtle.
Gatsby gets blamed on.
Nick warns Gatsby to run away because police are trying to  track him down.
Wilson finds out about the yellow car, and finds out , that the car was owned by Gatsby. Gatsby was home waiting for a call from Daisy , but instead Wilson goes to gatsby place and kills gatsby and himself.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Chapter 7 Notes

- Gatsby stopped throwing parties because Daisy has been around the house with him.
- Nick and Gatsby go over Tom Buchanan house so Daisy can tell Tom the truth.
- Instead they went to the city , Tom figures out that his wife and mistress are trying to leave him.
- Gatsby and Tom argue over Daisy.
- Nick realizes that it was his Birthday.
- Gatsby and Daisy go away , and Myrtle gets ran over by Daisy.