Tuesday, April 25, 2017


This wasn't really my big question but now it is : the use of nuclear weapons.
What are nuclear weapons used for in this modern time ? Threats ? End all life on earth ? Show countries that you are superior?
What I learned during spring break is nuclear weapons is very deadly to life and earth. United states spends $179 billion for a nuclear arsenal.
The certain nuclear  bomb we have right now is the B83, it is 75 times powerful than the bombs that were dropped in Japan during World War 2.
This is sort of related to Fahrenheit 451 towards the end of book when Montag sees the city get bombed and demolished
That can describe today's world if there's a nuclear attack!

Sunday, April 9, 2017

F451 Essay

The most shocking book that I've  read in my highschool life! Ray Bradbury is one creative mindful author. After reading Fahrenheit 451, it left me thinking about the  society we live in now . So many things are comparable to the story. There is  characters that make a impact in the story such as Clarisse and Beatty. Two characters with two different minds.

 When we started the story , we met Clarisse, she was a 17 year old girl. She was very social when she came upon Montag.  She was a mindful person. In the story she is different from everyone. People called her weird because she was open minded. Clarisse asked Montag questions that made him think. Ever since Montag talked to Clarisse , he started to change.  Clarisse family is unique because her family actually socialize. She told Montag about her uncle , when he was walking in the streets , he was arrested for being a 'pedestrian'. Clarisse represents us. We are very curious , when we see something different , we want to know more about it . Clarisse shows emotions.

 On the other hand we have Beatty. The fire chief or whatever he is . Seems like a normal good guy in the beginning. Beatty is anti-book and his job is to burn them. He doesn't like people knowing the facts about the past. Beatty was a guy that handled situations like when he talked to Montag about the death of the lady that got burned. He knew all the respond to questions. Towards the end he was threat to Montag. Montag knew he wasn't safe around Beatty because he was against things that were in books. Montag killed Beatty,  soon enough he noticed that Beatty was empty. By empty I mean he wanted to be gone,  he wanted be dead. His life was sad , he didn't like him self.

 Beatty and Clarisse,  two different characters. The way Bradbury described them  was imaginable. Clarisse represented the present time people like us. We may have technology taking over but we are still humans,  we still act like one, we are mindful . Beatty represented the the opposite.  He used up lies to make people believe uncertain things. He didn't want people to think way beyond. Beatty was controlling Montag majority of the time , that's why Montag killed him. What I think is that Clarisse was an angel , she told Montag if he was happy , which changed him. With out Clarisse Montag would of been dead.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

The Chase is On

1) The mechanical hound bite Montag's leg.
2) Montag burned up the hound with the flamethrower.
3) He realizes that Beatty was a man that wanted to die , his job was to get people mad.
4) Montag was running away , trying to escape from the police. But plans to go to Faber place.
5) He dropped a book and I was fearing for his life because he saw a car approaching

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Montag kills

Montag Turned the flame thrower towards Beatty because he was tired of everything. He was tired of Beatty controlling him, making him believe his lies. Montag wants to change his way of living. He broke out and killed Beauty

Sunday, March 26, 2017

F451 Questions pt2

1) Montag wanted to read the book badly but Mildred refused. She felt unsafe with books.
2) The first section Montag thought about Bombers destroying him , but then realize that actual bombers are destroying people.
3) Professer Faber is an old English teacher that Montag knew a while back.
4) Montag felt that the commercials on the subway were hurting him.
5) Faber believes that books you feelings and make think certain ways.
6) They were describes as small radios.
7)  It made people think like robots
8) She was emotional because she heard the words that came out of the poem
9) To fix the world

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

F451 Questions

1) Bradbury thinks that the future will stop reading.
2) Books are compared to birds because when they burn the books. It's ashes  goes flying like birds.
3) Montag's life is different compared to Clarisse's life. Montag is brained washed and lives unhappy. Clarisse is different from everyone. She's open minded , she sees what's wrong with society.
4) The technology in the novel is compared to the technology we have in today's world. Technology does not improve Montag's life. It kept his life apart from  people.
5) He starts off with Montag because he will be the main character that will need help through out the story. Montag will notice that the world will be in danger.
6) The author introduces Clarisse first because she's different from everyone. She's happy with her life . Mildred is the opposite,  she's always sick , wants to die.
7) The houses are fireproof so if anyone has books,  firemen can enter and burn it up with out burning the house.
8) Mildred need emergency service because she overdosed. The service that was provided was mechanics. A machine.
9) The mechanical hound is there to watch over Montag and kill others.
10) Society consider Clarisse anti social because she's different and thinks differently.
11) To show that books will soon be gone
12) Montag and Mildred relation is apart. They don't love each other's,  they're focused on other things.